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Inspections: What To Look For In Orange County, C.A.

Jun 10,2017

Inspections can bring forth some surprises to the sellers and the buyers. It is always a good practice for a seller to get a pre-inspection from a licensed inspector before listing their home to prevent any major surprises but that does not guarantee that there will not be any. Inspectors are hired by the buyers after a home goes under contract. It is not always required but most lending companies do require the buyer to get one. The most important thing to realize is that they are not looking at cosmetic issues with the home.

The foundation is the first thing the inspector will look at. The home might be on a slab or have a crawl space. The inspector is making sure that the home has a safe foundation. It is not uncommon for an inspector to find minor cracks or damage to a home’s foundation. They will let you know of any issues on the report and might suggest an expert to look at the home.

Electrical outlets and power are included in the inspection. Inspectors in Orange County, C.A. are looking for the outlets to be a certain height away from the floor, sink basins, and counter tops. They will also look at spacing between the outlets and if there is a safety mechanism or not. This is one of the many reasons it is always good to have a licensed electrician work on your home if you ever need any electrical work done. Specific codes have to be followed that a homeowner might not think about.

Inspectors will also look at the plumbing of the home and the water systems. They are not plumbers but they will take a look for any obvious signs of leaks or issues. They are looking for plumbing structure, functionality, and any leaks that might be present. If there are any problems, they might suggest a plumbing contractor to look at the issues.

The inspector is going to go on the roof. They are looking at the condition, for damage, and for anything that would cause issues or leaks to be present. They are not looking at the wear and tear that normally comes with a roof. If the tiles are faded that is not a problem as long as they are still doing what they are meant to do.

Built in appliances will be inspected and the non-built in appliances if they are included in the contract. Again, this is just for obvious signs. Not the normal wear and tear on the appliance. Water heaters, air conditioners, and other things connected to the home will be looked over but only for obvious signs of problems.

Things to look for on inspections in orange county

The inspector might even put a liability disclaimer on their inspection that they are not experts in plumbing, electrical, or HVAC systems. If you have concern over specific areas of the home, have a professional in that area take a look.

Home inspections are always stressful for both sellers and buyers. Keep a calm attitude. Your Realtor can help you through the process and can normally find solutions to any issues that might come up with the home. They can also help you negotiate repairs on the home. Turn to your listing or buyers agent for guidance.


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