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Technology and the Real Estate Market

Jul 12,2017

As a real estate buyer or seller, are you aware of the tremendous number of technology platforms and information sources available and at your service? Consumers are tech savvy these days. Using a mobile device, tablet or home computer is second nature for many functions and needs, including those revolving around the real estate market – whether searching, buying or selling.

What You Get Out of Real Estate Technology

One benefit of online research is that buyers gain a clearer picture of the landscape or demographics of the neighborhood they’d like to move into. They can easily search Zillow or® to find what they’re looking for and even set up a notification system. Using this technology, buyers also cut the Realtor® out of the search process for their ideal home. But as mentioned, inevitably they seek an agent to help finalize their deal.

Sellers also have an advantage in their search for market information in determining the potential value of their home prior to putting it on the market. Even though those numbers are not necessarily 100% accurate, the data does help provide a ballpark estimate and puts sellers in an advantageous position.

Then we have the various “for sale by owner” services. They seem like an attractive way for a seller to market a home and keep the commission. But invariably, these situations result in a disaster for the seller due to complicated issues that can arise from the sales process, and potential legal and paperwork involved. Those sellers end up calling the assistance of a qualified Realtor®/agent to unravel the problems.

By the same token, real estate professionals like James Harvey are also taking advantage of technology. In fact *93% of client communications is conducted through e-mail, with only 26% using the postal system. And 90% of those communications is done through a mobile device.

Keeping up with competitors is imperative, and James remains on top of leading edge technology and information so consumers benefit from accurate and timely responses to important questions as they navigate through (sometimes) complicated real estate process. At any given time, you might find James using one of the numerous on-line programs, news sources, business systems, or other options available for his ongoing and daily real estate business functions.

Can You Trust The Technology?  Let’s get back to online search methods for a moment though.

How specialized, accurate, need-specific or recent is the information that’s available on any one of these consumer sites? For example, using a listing site, a buyer may finally find the home of his/her dreams, only to be disappointed because the (agent) contact information on the listing service is perhaps not that of the listing agent (and the background or credentials remain a mystery). Or, the home’s details are inaccurate or obsolete. And the final insult…the home is already in final stages of the sale. Now you have a frustrated buyer whose search begins from scratch – again. Likely using the same tactics.

On top of that, the mere magnitude of information available to the consumer often results in an overwhelming amount of data – to absorb and interpret. How can the buyer or seller decipher all that documentation and make sense of it? Ultimately, it’s up to the Realtor® to guide the consumer through the buying/selling process and to support them on this very emotional journey.

Keep in mind…information is only as accurate as the day it is published. Market facts change quickly. Who’s staying on top of those changes or possible market fluctuations on your behalf, and reporting back to you? Your reliable, trained and knowledgeable real estate professional, that’s who.

Why a Realtor® is Your Best Option

Those automated services don’t compare to a personal, face-to-face meeting or consultation with a live real estate professional. Agents are highly educated, with access to and use of trusted and accurate information sources at all times.

Realtors® like James Harvey for instance, know the markets and the buying/selling process inside and out. They know how to help you maneuver through any obstacle that may block your forward motion. They develop relevant and current market reports and advise you on trends that matter to you and your situation. They are the ones advising buyers and sellers based on personal and specific consumer needs, budgets and profiles.

…The business of moving from one home to another will always be a personal experience…

While technology evolves and has some advantages as a tool in the real estate industry for consumers and Realtors® alike, the business of moving (from one home to another) will always be a personal experience. An experience that can only be supported by a personal guide – to reduce or eliminate the stress or anxiety felt by both buyers and sellers.

James Harvey strives to stay on top of the fluctuating nature of the real estate industry and shares what he learns. His goal is to keep ahead of the technology curve, so you benefit from a position of knowledge that helps you make the best decision in your real estate journey.

Part of James’ strategy includes keeping clients, readers and contacts informed with clear, valuable statistics and facts through bi-monthly blog articles, social media posts and a website offering useful, advantageous information.

Even with all the technology available at his fingertips, ultimately James prefers a face-to-face meeting to a phone conversation or email. “There’s nothing like sitting with a concerned seller or buyer to discuss their particular needs and helping to set their mind at ease.”

And for that buyer or seller, they breathe a sigh of relief as a patient, savvy expert guides them through an ever-changing real estate market scene. The personal touch is one tried and true method helping James Harvey better serve the needs of his clients.

So when you have questions about the housing market, or you’re ready to reach out for help on your next purchase or sale of your home, contact James Harvey’s Team!





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