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Benefits of Using a Listing Agent In Orange County

Jun 10,2017

Are you a full-time real estate agent? If the answer is no, than you should probably not try to sell your own home without an agent to represent you. Real estate is a full-time job and the people that do it for a living with the experience to guide you through the home selling process should be the ones to handle it with you. There is a lot more to what an agent does for you than putting a sign in the front yard and putting your home on the market in your local listing service.

Orange County, California has seen home prices on the rise this year! That is great news especially if you own a home there. Finding your homes value can be a tricky processes. It takes years of experience to do a proper comparable market analysis to see what your home’s value today. A listing agent can run the numbers of sales and purchases in your neighborhood and area for the right listing price based on what the specifics of your home are. It is more than just knowing what the house down the street sold for. A listing agent can get to the value by looking at things that your home has other homes don’t. Pricing a home right the first time when you go on the market is vital to getting solid and qualified offers in. A real estate agent can also give you expert advice on how to stage your home for showings!

Getting good offers from qualified buyers is crucial! You will get higher offers from buyers when you use a listing agent in Orange County. Buyers have buyers agents too. Those agents don’t like to work with for sale by owners and it comes down to representation. They would rather work with another seasoned agent on the selling side. They might not even know your home is for sale at all. You want these buyers agents to bring their buyers. It is a fact that homes listed with an agent get more showings and more offers to chose from.

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You will speed up the sale of your home by using a listing agent in Orange County. There is tons of paperwork, inspections, and other processes that a listing agent handles everyday. By using a listing agent, you are letting them handle these things for you, and they know how to speed up these things and get them done in a timely manner. You will get a great offer, get your home under contract, and get to the closing table a lot faster by using an agent.

Some people avoid using a listing agent because they think they will profit more from not having to pay commissions on the sale of their home. This could not be any further from the truth. You actually come out of the sale with better results by using a listing agent. You get higher offers from buyers, your home priced right for the market in Orange County, and you will get to the closing table faster. The benefits of using a listing agent that is experienced in the area are enormous! 

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