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Because Experience Matters

Jun 10,2017

Out of all the transactions that people make in their lifetime, their home is the single most emotionally invested one. The ups and downs of selling or buying a home are enough to make people feel confused and uncertain about the process. The process of going from contract to the closing is not as easy as agents sometimes make it look. Having an agent that knows what they are doing is key to a successful closing.Most Brokers would agree that for every 5 closings that they have, there are 5 new issues that come up. Every contract and closing has a different dynamic to it and it takes an experienced Broker to navigate this issues as they arise. You need an agent that can give you well educated advice on what the proper actions to take are. Real Estate wisdom is something that only comes with experience and time tested proven strategies for getting the best results from any situation. There are contract details, inspections, appraisals, and the closing to set up. At the center of the transaction is the real estate broker directing their clients on what to do in each situation. Would you want someone that is experienced or not experienced doing this? Experienced of course!

Some people chose a friend of a friend as an agent to represent them without looking into that person’s background of transaction history. This sounds crazy right? Well, it is crazy. An agent is supposed to give your input and exceptional direction so how can they do this if they have only had a few closings under their belt. They can’t and that is the issue. When you are interviewing an agent, the first question should always be related to how much experience they have in real estate.

How do you spot an experienced agent? Look for the most common signs of a seasoned broker. They do real estate for a living and full-time. Never hire an agent that sells a few homes a year outside their normal job. If real estate comes second in their life, so will your transaction. Look on their website and the internet for awards or client testimonials on the agent. You can learn a lot about someone by just doing a little research.


Selling or buying a home is something that takes knowledge and skills from a broker that does it every day and can tackle the issues for you as they come up. James Harvey has been a Top Producer in Orange County since 1998. James knows how to get the best results for his clients by using both traditional and new age techniques, combined with sharp negotiating skills. He is the Realtor that you want on your side. Call James Harvey’s Team at 714-612-9535.






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